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Montpellier and Bendi at IMHX show.

Bendi storm through IMHX show

Montpellier PR teamed up with Translift Bendi at the IMHX show at the NEC arena in Birmingham from the 15th - 19th of November ,as a launchpad for their new multi model VNA forklifts. 5 new innovative products and live music from ACE TRUCKING CO saw Bendi storm the show!!

These new models include the mini Bendi, (a pedestrian articulated forklift), a completely reshaped B420 AC high lift model, the Bendi EU truck, which is a hybrid of the original Bendi and the traditional support arm stacker truck widely used in European markets, and the Bendi Arctic truck. The last of these has a cold store cab and joins the other two competing articulated producers, Flexi Narrow Aisle and Aisle Master. Their potential to slash high cold store construction and running costs is huge. Currently, cab-equipped reach trucks are most commonly used, but the articulated trucks will work in aisles only 1.6 m wide, a full metre less than reach trucks, while lifting loads to 12 metres or more.   

Congratulations Bendi!!