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Deritend Appoints Montpellier.

Deritend Industries calls in PR B2B experts at Montpellier

Montpellier PR has been appointed by Deritend Industries to spearhead the company's PR and web strategies in addition to building its profile as an energy efficiency provider.

Deritend are a leading UK specialist maintenance company, providing repairs, replacement and ongoing maintenance service, for a wide range of electro-mechanical equipment items.

The brief for Deritend includes an integrated programme combining web and PR for the low carbon and energy efficiency website, profiling in the company's national and regional publications in the UK in order to support industry sectors including food & beverage, water, power and utilities.

Philip Hicks, Director of Montpellier PR, said: "Energy efficiency is very high on news agenda at the moment, Deritend Industries and its low carbon strategies are an inspiration to many other companies within the industry sector and we are pleased to be supporting them through a PR and web campaign."