What's going down in Montpellier PR at the moment?

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Montpellier Group, brings creativity, interactivity and PR together under one roof.

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Welcome to Montpellier PR

Welcome to Montpellier PR  

Why does Montpellier consistently win so many awards, year in, year out?

We think it's because we care so much about your needs as a client that we are, to all intents and purposes, surrogate members of your own management team.

At Montpellier, we treat each and every one of our clients as if their business or organisation is our sole raison d'etre. And frankly that's because it is.

Now for some RANDOM STATS

Montpellier was the first PR consultancy in the UK to earn Investors in People status, in the early nineties

News Corp closes Asian magazine http://bit.ly/as37P

reduce price by 10% and you'll need to find 50% more customers

Marketing doesn’t work without a strategic plan